Share links to some of your favorite sites for teaching Digital Citizenship.

Are Your Students Digitally Safe? Shelley Terrell shares 15+ resources.
Northern Gateway Digital Citizenship Resources Jen Deyenberg lists many resources for all grade levels.
Digital Citizenship from Edmodo and Common Sense Media Follow the blog comments for many ideas.
Google Lesson Plans for Digital Citizenship

Here are some sites you used during your Digital Citizenship assignment:
Become an Online Sleuth:
YouTube ConnectSafely:
How To Improve Your Telephone Etiquette:
Think Before U.... Videos
Be A Digital Citizen
Abbas Story: Pride in your digital footprint video
Keep Safe: Managing your digital footprint curriculum
Digital Literacy: Persuasion Help your students understand the art of persuasion in our digital world.
Information Literacy and Web Site Evaluation:
Evaluating Website Reliability A follow-up to the lesson that discusses teaching web search skills.
Carnegie Cyber Academy - Fun Stuff
PBS Kids: Webonauts Internet Academy
Safe Surfing Kids Lesson plans for grades 3-5 and other resources for parents, kids.
DinoPass: Generates simple and strong passwords for kids.
Google Good To Know Digital Literacy curriculum
AT&T Safety Game for Kids
Digiteen Health & Wellness wiki page We can't forget to teach about the physical aspect of computer use.